First Baptist Church Marshallville
Wednesday, August 04, 2021
Rooted in the Past -- Growing Into Our Future

From The Under Shepherd Dec 12, 2011

        The theme for the third Sunday of Advent is joy.   Joy is a wonderful emotion, different from happiness.   Joy, unlike happiness, does not depend upon circumstances but upon trust in the faithfulness of God.
        The psalmist in Psalm 126 expressed the joy of those returning to Jerusalem after 70 years of captivity in Babylon.   He attributes the return to the faithfulness of God in keeping his promises to his people.   But the psalmist also asks God to give overwhelming blessing to his people as he thinks of the harvest.    One may be somewhat fearful putting the seed into the ground, but the farmer shall shout with joy as he brings his sheaves of grain to the Lord at harvest time.
        God’s faithfulness was demonstrated again in the coming of Jesus in the first Advent.     At the request of John's disciples (Luke 7:18-35), Jesus cites numerous Old Testament texts to demonstrate that the Sovereign Lord is doing wonderful things, not only for the exiles in Jerusalem, but for us in restoring us to wholeness and to our Creator.   We can indeed rejoice because of the faithfulness of our awesome God!
        Through the four Sundays of Advent the Church remembers the one who came two millennia ago, and who will come again. Jesus broke into history; life on Earth has not been the same.   He will come again; history will radically change again.   Do you believe this?   Then, rejoice!   Celebrate Jesus!