First Baptist Church Marshallville
Wednesday, August 04, 2021
Rooted in the Past -- Growing Into Our Future

From The Under Shepherd June 2010

          For four years my grandson Kyle (age 11) and I have been planning a motorcycle trip around the USA. The past three years we’ve taken longer and longer trips, with last year’s trip to Philadelphia being 2,200 miles. The time has now come for us to venture forth on our seven week, 8,000-10,000 mile trip around this beautiful country. 
         The trip is planned primarily for Kyle, so he has picked out the sights to see and activities to do. We plan to visit museums and national parks, as well as water parks and other recreational parks. We’ll also visit with a few of my friends from my military days.
          I pray that I’ll be an instrument of Holy Spirit to create in Kyle a life-long thirst for God. He is a young Christian and therefore needs discipled. We shall do things and enjoy conversations each day that hopefully will accomplish this.
          But during prayer at our church on the National Day of Prayer (May 6th), I became convicted that we needed to add another purpose to our ride. I discussed my idea with Kyle, and we both agreed that we would pray for the communities and cities through which we ride. I believe this nation and its churches are in need of revival and reform. So we decided that we’ll be “Prayer Ridin’ the USA” (an adaptation of prayer walking; for more information on prayer walking, go to:
This summer as we ride through cities and rural towns we’ll lift up the leaders (church and government) and people before the Lord and ask for an awakening to bless this nation. Occasionally we’ll stop at a courthouse and pray on the grounds. We invite you to pray with us. Included in our prayer request will be for Christians to experience a deep cleansing of their lives through confession and repentance of sin, and for those so cleansed to become burdened for those who do not believe in Jesus. 
           Marshallville is the first town we prayed for; start at home. Join us in praying for the USA. I’ll post notes about our trip when we return.