First Baptist Church Marshallville
Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Rooted in the Past -- Growing Into Our Future

From the Under Shepherd June 30, 2014

  A humorist joked "The problem with living sacrifices is that they keep climbing off the altar."
  Under the Old Covenant animal sacrifices were offered for the cleansing of sin.  The animal was dead when sacrificed.  In the OT, Leviticus 1:1-9 lays out the details of an animal sacrifice.
  However, in the NT Romans 12:1-8 talks about a "living sacrifice."  The section of Paul's letter to the Romans which begins at chapter 12 discusses how we should live in the world.  Paul bases his ethics (how we should live) solidly on teaching (doctrine!) of our relationship with God as established in our union with Jesus Christ.  What we believe determines how we behave!
  Paul asks that we offer ourself to God as a "living sacrifice" in contrast to the "dead sacrifice" of the Old Testament sacrificial system.  The burnt offering (Leviticus 1) was completely consumed and therefore could not be reclaimed.  In the same way we are to offer ourselves to God that we might live for him according to his revealed will for our lives.  That, of course, does not mean that we live cloistered lives, but rather vibrant lives in our culture that exemplifies our love for the Savior to those in our circle of influence.  We do not live our lives through our own strength but through the grace and strength given to us by God.  That is a life-long journey (the biblical term is "sanctification") that we enjoy day-by-day.
  Speaking of "living sacrifice."  Soon our Nominating Committee will be seeking to fill ministry positions for the upcoming church year beginning September 1.  If they ask you to serve, we request that you prayerfully consider before answering either "Yes" or "No."  We will not "twist your arm" to set you to serve, nor seek to lay a "guilt trip" on you.  Accepting a position of service in the Lord's church is serious business.  We want out Lord's will and work to be done; pray to know your part in it as a "living sacrifice."