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Wednesday, August 04, 2021
Rooted in the Past -- Growing Into Our Future

From the Under Shepherd Sep 9, 14

       The concept of "blessing" is a key biblical theme with the word appearing over 500 times in the Bible.  The word occurs in the first chapter (Genesis 1:22, 28) of the Bible, and also in the last (Revelation 22:14).
       Previously we studied about our "blessing" God with the meaning of offering him praise; he needs nothing else from us.  But the primary use of "blessing" in Scripture is that of bestowing a benefit upon people, with (in most cases) God being the one bestowing the blessing either directly or through his agent.
       Jacob is an instructive person in the study of blessing.  He was the second born of twin brothers, but his mother Rebecca had been told before the twin's birth that the "older shall serve the younger" (Genesis 25:23).  Through deception Jacob received from his father Isaac the firstborn's blessing, which was irrevocable once given (Genesis 27).  He later wrestled with the messenger of Yahweh and acquired a blessing and a new name, Israel  ("he strives with God").  At the end of his life he blessed his own sons (who became the 12 tribes of Israel), as well as two grandsons, placing the younger above the older (Genesis 48-49).
       A blessing is not to be given lightly.  In Jacob's case, Yahweh had chosen Jacob over Esau, and the blessing reflected that choice over against the custom of the culture.  Also, the blessing does not guarantee right living, as shown by the way Jacob lived much of his life.  However, the blessing ordained of God does insure the presence of God in one's life.
      We have neglected the blessing in the raising of our children,  Jewish fathers still give the blessing to their children.  I blessed my daughter when she graduated from high school and began work.  I say a blessing over my grandsons each year on their birthdays.  I invite you to study the blessing in Scripture, and begin to give the blessing to members of your family.