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Rev. Carlton Berry

It would truly be our pleasure for you to visit with us at First Baptist Church of Marshallville, Georgia. We are a joyful people who love God’s Word and cherish our fellowship together in His house.

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Pastor Berry’s Bio

Growing up in a Christian home, Carlton had the privilege of seeing his father always serving in the church. As a youth, Carlton served on his first church committee. As a young single adult, he was asked to serve as a deacon, but declined the position.

Many of his friends accepted the “call” to full-time Christian ministry in their young adult years. Cartlon declined several churches and ministry opportunities because he did not receive direction from the Spirit to do so. In 1983 his church asked him to become a part-time minister to their single adults. This was one of many opportunities in which Carlton was asked to serve in some part-time way.

During one morning worship service, Carlton came down the aisle and surrendered to bivocational ministry. He had a very good full-time job at that time as a refrigeration mechanic trainee. That very afternoon he was called by FBC Jonesboro about serving in their church as the interim singles minister, a part-time position.

Following a year of service there, Carlton quit his full-time job and went back to finish his bachelor’s degree. During this time, he married Sally Hargrave. After completing the B.S., he was called to full-time ministry in Fort Smith, AR. There, his daughter Allison was born. Her mother Sally died 29 days later due to complications. Now Carlton was a single parent. After moving to a church in Beaumont, he married Sharon Dickenson of Nederland, TX.

Pastor Berry has served as Minister to Singles, Sr. Associate Pastor, Minister of Education and Administration, Minister to Adults, and Minister of Discipleship. He has served churches in Arkansas, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.

In 2019 he retired from full-time ministry to find a home for his special needs daughter to live after he and his wife went to Heaven some day. As a result, they ended up in Macon, GA. There, after getting settled in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, FBC Marshallville called Carlton to serve as their part-time pastor.

My personal testimony of salvation

I was one of those born in a Christian home. I saw myself as a good person and never thought much about what it meant to be a Christian. I went to church several times a week and most all my friends were church friends.

Our church had revivals each year. They did not affect me much. Yet one year a Russian-born Jew named Hyman Appleman came and preached a powerful revival. During the week every one of my close friends went down the aisle to join the church. We were all about eight years old when this happened. I did not go down because Brother Appleman’s strange accent scared me.

The next Sunday night after the revival, I went down and told my pastor, Preacher Perkins, that I wanted to join the church. He said that would be fine but I would need to be baptized first.

The next week our church scheduled a baptism service. My friends that went down during the revival and I were to be baptized. That night before he baptized us all, Preacher Perkins explained what it meant to be a Christian to all of us. He told us that we are all sinners and that we need Jesus to forgive our sins and come into our lives, in order for us to be “saved.”

I am sure that he had preached that message many times and I am sure that Brother Hyman preached that message as well. But, that night, for the first time–so it seemed to me–I heard and understood the message.

As Pastor Perkins began to baptize each of us one by one, I got down on my knees over in the corner of the room and asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins. I asked Him to come into my life and save me. Right after that, it was my turn to be baptized, and I was.

I almost was baptized without being saved!

I have belonged to Jesus since that day. There have been times that I did not let Him have complete control of my life, but He has never forsaken me or let me go.

In tough times, He walked beside me and carried me when I needed it.

In His Grip,

Pastor Carlton

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